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Photography Challenge: What's Your Angle?

Hello! Big thanks to Gail and Bev for this week's gallery. And I'll start wth my favourite bird taken by Gail - the fabulous, dinosaur-like grey heron.

And now for a throwback from Bev. Many of you will remember the Leeson Centre in Speke which had a lovely garden at the back...well Bev saved this hawthorn from it which is flourishing in her garden and she says is a great shelter for the birds.

A selection now from Gail for the - what can we see through - photo challenge. First is Winchester Cathedral crypt. Fab reflection too.

And another lovely reflection.

Interesting photo here. We're looking at frogspawn throgh the water but look at the reflections of the flying creatures too.

And finally, what can we see through the spider's web? This would make a great Chrstmas card don't you think?

Meanwhile, Bev was inspired by Adele's lovely poem on this week's Poetry post - Just Like Wildflowers, so she took this. Lovely! Aquilegia I think, also known as Grandma's Bonnet.

And a sight I've never seen, at least I don't think I have - from Gail - a jackdaw - with an itchy ear. Has anyone else seen one?

And one I haven't seen very often, a greenfinch.

Thanks so much both!

And one from me - thought you might like to see this little chap.

This week's challenge is -what's your angle? We've had a go at this one before but it's definitely worth revisiting because there are so many different things at different times of year to try it out on.

It's just about taking photos from different angles and it's worth trying because you can get a totally different impression of something and often find a better photo.

A few examples from me.

And finally I thought you might enjoy a minute of birdsong and sunlight through trees. Apols as I forgot it''s better filmed t'othr way around - doh!

Please send your photos for the challenge or photos of anything that's caught your eye too:

Happy snapping!

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