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Poetry - on writing, the weather, the joy of socks & cosy cats and bailiffs

Big thanks to Gillian, Chris, the Feel Good Friday Group and Adele for this week’s poems. Great work from everyone on writing, the lockdown and technology becoming our friend.

This week’s theme is weather. The British are famous for talking about it and I for one am not surprised as we have a lot of it!This year we had summer where spring should have been and now very mixed weather where summer should be!

What are your thoughts? What do you love or hate about our weather, or do you just accept it?

Please send your poems on this or any theme to:


Before I get on to socks, big thanks to Gillian, Chris and Adele for this week’s poems. Great rhythms and rhymes on the theme of weather.

To introduce this week’s theme, here’s Wendy Cope’s poem called The Joy of Socks.

So, this week’s theme is the joy of ordinary things. What do you have around you which is quite ordinary but which you really love or appreciate?

It could be a favourite mug, fresh bedding, old comfy slippers, a particular jumper – anything ordinary but which brings you joy.

Please send your poems on this or any other theme to:


Big thanks to John (aged 4), Gillian and Adele for this week’s poems.

And this weeks theme is, if you could invite a famous person to dinner, who would it be and why? Please send your poems on this or any theme of your choice to:

And here's Wendy Cope reciting one of her poems and talking about writing poetry while her portrait is painted. I like her poetry because it's very accessible - I can easily understand what she's trying to say,  and her poems are often funny too.

תגובה אחת

14 באוג׳ 2020

love all the poetry all seen to put heart and soul into it Tracy very good at expressing it

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