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Sing Sing Sing - The Times They Are A Changing!

'Come gather 'round people - Wherever you roam ' ... and enjoy the Sing Sing Singers as they pay tribute to Bob Dylan, who celebrated his 80th birthday last week!

Update: Sing Sing Sing meet fortnightly on Thursdays 3.30pm - 4.30pm (Zoom). This group is a safe and playful singing session guided by Mersey Wylie and open to PSS Wellbeing Centres members. You can take part and easily opt out of the recording at the end of the session if its not for you. For more information or to sign up to Sing Sing Sing on Zoom please get in touch via the 'Contact us' link.

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Jun 04, 2021

Loving all the props!


Jun 04, 2021

Loved it you guys


Nikki G
Jun 04, 2021

Excellent tribute to the 'big man' Mr Bob Dylan :) Thanks for sharing guys...

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