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Sing your heart out at the Dutch Barn

The first thing many of us think when faced with the prospect of singing is what, me? I can't sing!

However, anyone who can speak can learn to use their singing voice!

It may take a bit of patience, a fair amount of practice and the right community to learn this fun skill but once gained singing is a real mood lifter.

Sing! Sing! Sing! is a warm and welcoming group for all those who have completed a Wellbeing Plan at the PSS Wellbeing Centres.

Led by our lovely vocalist Mersey the group enjoy singing along to a broad range of classics - songs you'll know and love!

No matter what level you're at - beginner or otherwise - come along and sing some heart warming songs with our singing group.

Sing! Sing! Sing! takes place every Thursday at the Dutch Barn from 2.15pm. To express your interest simply give us a call on 0151 708 0415 or email


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