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The Culture Vultures explore Western Approaches HQ

The Culture Vultures are all about finding the best hidden gems of Liverpool and wow, they struck gold with their latest outing at the fabulous Western Approaches HQ.

For those not familiar with this destination let us share with you this secret… the Western Approaches HQ is Britain’s top secret underground war bunker and it's hidden right under the streets of Liverpool.

You were once required to sign the Official Secrets Act to gain entry, but luckily for our Culture Vultures no documentation was required. Nowadays you can freely roam in the immense bunker, exploring all the hidden military rooms and a labyrinth of tunnels.

Entering the museum is like a step back in time and our Culture Vultures were memorised by this preserved place of incredible history.

Each room pieced together another part of the past where the British Armed Forces plotted to bulwark the Western Approaches and aid the Allies to victory.

Western Approaches HQ also highlighted the essential work of the WRENS (Women’s Royal Naval Service) championing their dedication and efforts throughout WWII.

Corinne said: “Western Approaches HQ is such a fantastic place to visit! The staff were fab, providing loads of information and were helpful and so friendly.

“There’s so much to see it’s worth going at least twice.”

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