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The Strumbrellas - Foulsom Prison Blues

"Hi everyone,

This week’s uke session consisted of performances of ‘Foulsom Prison Blues’ led by Pete, ‘Teenager in Love’ led by Paul and Brown eyed girl led by yours truly.

In between we had some discussions which included line dancing in the park, playing ukulele at Lovelocks café at Haymarket, pros and cons of mask wearing, covid anxiety, Brian Jacques and St. Ollie’s?? social club on Scottie Road.

As well as all of this John showed us some new artwork, which everyone thought was fab.


Strumbrellas is open to anyone who has completed the beginners uke course with us at PSS. And don't worry if you're camera shy ; you can keep your camera off or choose to opt out of the recording. For more info please get in touch via the contact page.

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