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The Strumbrellas : Urban Spaceman

"Hi All,

We had another enjoyable meeting of the ‘Strumbrellas’ this week.

After a few preliminaries we were able to settle on an ‘opener’ in the form of the Ricky Nelson song ‘Never be anyone else but you’ which was led by Richard.

This led to a discussion of strumming patterns and once again our old friend the calypso was a favourite fit for this song.

Just to make sure nobody gets complacent and lets up on their strumming practice we watched a video of the phenomenal ukelelist ‘Taimane’, who can be seen rehearsing in video below;

We discussed our video for ‘Lockdown Blues’ which will comprise of photos of ourselves during lockdown, and images which may be suggested by the lyrics of the song. If anyone wants to contribute or has any photos of the ‘Strumbrellas’ performing they would be gratefully received, for use as part on a video montage, to go with the song on youtube.

We finished with a rendition of ‘Urban Spaceman’, again led by Richard.

We will be meeting again next week at the same time in a room called zoom and it would be just swell if you could come along.

I look forward to seeing you then.



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