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Think You Can't Draw? Think Again Gallery 3


Big thanks to Gill and Samdra for sharing their birds this week.

The trick is to start with a sinple shape - like an egg :-) Or a rounded triangle, a squashed balloon or a petal shape - whatever works for you. Break a thing down into simple shapes and it makes it much easier to draw.

And then you just add bits on.

You can use paints or felt pens and start with blobs.

And very quickly you can find something recognisable on what was a blank page. And that's a nice feeling, especially when you haven't done that before.

And you can end up with birds with a lot of character, just by altering the shape and size of things.

Why not start with an egg and see where it takes you?


Sep 16, 2020

Thank you Bev & Tracy also Sandra for sharing


Sep 15, 2020

Aww those birds made me smile they're lovely! 🕊🦢💚💚

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