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What's Happening Liverpool?

Some of the latest opportunities from Liverpool's wellbeing and creative communities.

On Tuesday 10th May, Rob Collier is leading another Walk & Talk Photo group in Allerton Towers.

Here's what Rob says about the event: I decided to create these events for a couple of reasons; I have battled with mental health for most of my life, hitting complete rock bottom and attempting to take my own life. I got involved with a number of groups to help me overcome my adversities and battle my mental health issues, many of these groups held walk & talk events. These events where great for getting people together, embracing nature, talking to people who have faced similar issues and just to get out the house helped me massively with not just my mental wellbeing but also physically. However, being an avid photographer, whilst on these walks I would always want to stop and take photos of things that pleased the eye, nature, landscapes, animals etc and would find myself falling behind from the group. This is where the idea of creating a walk & talk photo group came in. A great way for like minded individuals to get together, share camera skills and experience, teach and learn from others, whilst meeting new people and improving our wellbeing by being out in nature and embracing some of the wonderful scenery we have on our doorsteps. These events are completely FREE to all who attend and open to anybody of any age and skillset, from complete camera novices to seasoned professionals, all are welcome.


Liverpool Lighthouse

Lots happening at Liverpool Lighthouse in Anfield, for folks of all ages and families. Contact details below and you can also sign up for activities through their website.

Liverpool Lighthouse, Oakfield Road, Anfield, Liverpool, UK L4 0UF Tel: 0151-476-2342


And tomorrow at The Lighthouse a new FREE exhibition opens.


The Story of Liverpool Through Its Trees

An opportunity to learn new photography skills while creating the history of Liverpool through its trees. About this Event An opportunity to create a history of Liverpool through its trees, using personal stories and photography with Open Eye Gallery and Dot-Art. Over 3 workshops, you will learn new photography skills, explore local trees, share stories and have conversations about local green spaces.

Tickets for The Story of Liverpool Through Its Trees can be booked here:


Belle Vale Shopping Centre craft & design fair Sat May 14, 2022

Belle Vale Shopping Centre, Childwall Valley Road,Liverpool


Visit Southport

Only 40 minutes on the train from Liverpool and enough sand to build all the sandcastles you could ever want! Then there's the marine lake, the pier and oodles of ice cream!

Enjoy! More opportunities coming soon!

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