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What's Happening Liverpool

Peer Support Thursday Mornings at Kindred Minds

Belle Vale Millenium Centre, Childwall Valley Road

Kindred Minds has recently set up a group to help people who have struggled with their mental health to find each other, and to share thier experiences with one another in a safe, confidential environment.  It felt that people were waiting for this opportunity to come along, because the group has been very well attended from the beginning.  The group meets once a week and is open to anyone who is registered with Kindred Minds.  

The group began by establishing some simple ways to show respect for one another's experience.  We agreed not to interrupt people while they are talking.  We agreed not to share anything that people told us about themselves in the group.  If people don't want to join in a discussion or share personal experiences, that's okay.   It was decided not to offer advice if people had not asked for it.  And everyone was clear that they must be able to share their experiences and views without judgement.  

We make sure that everyone has a turn to speak, although if you don't feel like contributing that day, it's okay to stay quiet.  Listening to others is seen as a great contribution anyway.  The things that people share can very greatly.  Sometimes people have sharing experiences from the past that have continued to impact them as adults.  Some people have been able to tell us about ongoing situations with their families, or their contact with services that continue to be stressful and difficult to manage.  Some discussions are much more lighthearted though - maybe recomending TV binge-watching to fill in the dark winter nights, or exchanging favourite sayings or quotes that we have found to be an inspiration over the years.

Although the group has some people who come every week it is still open to for newcomers to join in our activities.  And the feedback from new starters has been that they have felt welcome from the beginning. And although sometimes people talk about distressing issues that can be difficult to hear, people usually tell us that they feel better when they leave than when they arrived.  

To register with Kindred Minds email:

or phone: 07379892793


Painting for All

Fri Mar 01 2024 at 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm

CASS ART Liverpool, 16 School Lane

Join me, Emma Coyne, for a relaxing painting session in this peaceful venue, tucked away in the very heart of our city.

These sessions are held on a monthly basis.

Absolutely no painting experience is necessary.

All materials and equipment are provided.

These painting sessions will provide you with a chance to experiment with a variety of different paints and materials before spending money on your own. Once you work out which media best suits you, you can decide which kit you'd like to spend your money on. Haven't we all got cupboards filled with art kit we never use!

Sit back, relax and enjoy a few hours escaping from the stresses and strains of every day life.


Message me to secure your place:

👍Enjoy 10% off at CASS Art for that day👍





More opportunities coming soon!


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