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Ian's Art. Mona

Hi, everyone,

And welcome to another stage for Mona Canvas.

Loco - Back onto the chassis and I decided to paint in an under coat of grey for the brake rod, which is located on the lower outer part of the drive wheels as you can see.

Coaches - The yellow under coat I painted on the coaches, I've now done these in more of a cream colour now.

Back ground - The first thing to do was to give the church spire a little attention as I felt it was not quite straight. There was a line running down the centre of the spire building which I painted out but still not right (lol). I gave the sky another coat of blue and this does look improved upon now, and also I painted in the window areas in black on the building with the battlement which is a restaurant. Also gave the buildings more of a sand stone colour.

A reminder of the Original Photograph

Thank you Gilian - I'm happy how the canvas is progressing and I always look forward to each stage and bringing pic more to life, and if my art is inspiring to you all that gives me the inspiration to do more art thank you.

See you all soon for stage six.

Take care,


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Thank you Ian enjoy watching your picture come even mpre alive

its fab well done😀


Dave W

Thanks Ian. It's all the little details that make the picture so great. I'm really enjoying watching the paining develop each week 😊. Well done

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