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The Strumbrellas - Keep on the sunny side

"Hi All,

I hope everyone has been able to have a listen to the ‘Lockdown Blues’, if you haven’t seen/heard it yet I know you will enjoy it so give it a go and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

This week at Strumbrellas Zoom meeting we spent some time talking about the genius of ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou’, a movie starring George Clooney which is well worth watching as it’s a really fun comedy/drama set in rural Mississippi in the USA. As a backdrop to all the goings on is the music of the time which is American folk music of the 30’s.

In past sessions we have played ‘You Are My Sunshine’ which is featured in the film, so this week we tried another song, written by the famous ‘Carter Family’ called ‘Keep on the Sunny Side’.

Download PDF • 63KB

Interestingly John told us that he knows the song from another source, the country singer ‘Iris Dement’ who he was introduced to via Radio Merseyside and has been a fan of ever since.

Next week’s session will be hosted by Richard and Pete and I hope you can support them by visiting a room called Zoom on Tuesday.

In the meantime keep on the sunny side and keeeep strumming,


*Strumbrellas is open to anyone who has completed the beginners uke course with us at PSS. And don't worry if you're camera shy ; you can keep your camera off or choose to opt out of the recording. For more info please get in touch via the contact page.*

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Sep 24, 2020

Love that tune well done


Sep 13, 2020

Might practice a homemade or air (guitar) ukulele practice to The Sunny Side , got the music chords and looks like finger tip positions from the pdf on the blog. Cheers Strumbrellas, keep them great choons ;-) goin!!!!!

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